Choosing A Security Company Is An Important Decision

You need dependable technicians, top-notch support and exceptional system designs. Find all that and more at Star Asset Security. We are more than your typical security company. Not only do we provide you with the latest in access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance; we also deliver secure thinking and results.
Why choose Star?
Government Security


Guarding Taxpayer Resources. Star Asset Security protects a variety of government services and military installations on the East Coast for the United States Dept. of Treasury, Dept. of Homeland Security, GSA, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.


Hospital Security


Securing Access To Assets. A well-designed security system can resolve many of the security problems currently experienced in institutions today. Since 1993, Star Asset Security has helped institutions identify and control loss and reduce risks.


Hospital Security

Small Business  

Commercial Security


Protect Your Competitive Edge. From corporate headquarters to industrial facilities to outdoor yards and warehouses, Star Asset Security has provided security solutions to protect the premises and assets of many diverse companies.


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