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automotive dealership video monitoring

Auto dealerships are a top target for theft and malicious activity. High dollar inventory requires constant surveillance across a large property housing a steep number of vehicles. Deterring incidents, ensuring compliance and increasing security at your dealerships no longer requires additional overhead for onsite perimeter checks or to watch and react to live video surveillance. Event-based video monitoring is the proactive solution to alleviate the daily pain points and prevent crime from occurring. Security guard costs are augmented with advanced technology on new or current CCTV cameras and thresholds are set in place to trigger alerts for unwanted activity.

The reality of the industry is after hours can also be a marketing opportunity for potential buyers to “window shop”. Our in-depth experience has allowed us to identify the unique balance between qualified future buyers who are browsing inventory and those with negative intent. Leverage video monitoring for effortless security and remove human error that can occur with security guards just by nature of not being able to be in multiples at once.

Why leverage video monitoring with ION Center versus security guards?

ION Center is our nationwide and commercial-grade video monitoring service that helps keep your facilities, assets and processes safe every moment of every day, 365 days a year. We use advanced analytics and event-driven technology, allowing our monitoring professionals to respond immediately as an event occurs. Our team remotely surveils and verifies events so crime can be stopped before it happens. Through the “voice down” feature, our team can speak directly to the intruder to prevent incidents from happening and dispatch authorities only when needed. Our framework of people, processes and advanced technology provides us with a super-regional footprint, allowing our team to support clients with multiple locations across a large geographic region.

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Why choose automotive dealership video monitoring services over security guards? Benefits include:

  • Quickly identify threats to prevent theft or damage to vehicles through event driven video monitoring
  • Seamlessly manage entrances, all access points and a large perimeter without the overhead of security guard costs
  • Verify incidents and reduce false alarms which can result in alarm fines
  • Reduce security guard costs and enhance security with a 24/7/365 virtual guard force
  • Safeguard people and inventory while ensuring compliance regulations
  • A cost-effective solution to surveilling acres of land and multi-location dealerships
  • Cybersecurity on all devices reduces vulnerabilities and can prevent your systems and confidential data from being compromised or exposed, allowing the dealership to stay in compliance.
  • Ongoing, customized reports provide full visibility into operations and systems
  • Have access to real-time video surveillance with recorded footage so events can be reviewed at any time

Star Asset Security’s full suite of automotive dealership video monitoring services include:

  • Operations Oversight. Every business and industry has sensitive processes that can benefit from operations oversight. Proper oversight over procedures related to proprietary information, money handling, and delivery acceptance is key to ensuring safe operations.
  • Video Security Patrol.  Security guard services are costly and limited to being in only one place at a time. Video monitoring staff can use a perimeter of video surveillance devices to make periodic “patrols” of the area to visually confirm everything is in order, for a quick and cost-effective solution.
  • Video Concierge Services. Automotive dealership video monitoring solutions include concierge services. Improve safety and convenience with video concierge services such as door entry management, information and emergency contact, and on-demand virtual bodyguard.
  • Video Verification. Video verification is a service to reduce false alarms by verifying incidents and only dispatching police when they’re needed.  Traditionally, any alarm that is generated by a sensor would automatically result in the dispatch of police.  An ongoing issue with these types of systems is that many of the alarms generated are false which can result in alarm fines and even licenses being revoked.  Video verification is the solution to increasing safety at your facility while reducing necessary fines.  You can rest assured knowing ION Center has your business secured throughout the night and into the weekend when you’re not there.
  • Interactive Video. With our advanced interactive solutions, we can see, hear, and speak directly to you from our ION Center, providing real-time response, aiding law enforcement and reducing false alarms.
Star Asset Security's video monitoring and service desk central station for video verification, access control system and video surveillance systems.

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