Video monitoring services using event-driven analytics on video surveillance systems to augment security guards.
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Video Monitoring and Event-Driven Analytics are a Force Multiplier in a Technology Driven Generation

Many companies live with a false sense of safety after hiring security guards to patrol their premises. Experts say that this isn’t the best practice to solely rely on for property defense. Research indicates that video monitoring deters and stops more crime with fewer errors than on-premise security guards could on their own.  Continuous advancements in this technology generation, such as event-driven video analytics, allow physical security solutions to evolve into seamless, reliable, and efficient solutions for organizations.

Aspects to Consider with Security Guards

Unlike a 24-hour surveillance system that is constantly watching the property, a security guard cannot be completely vigilant all the time. Human error is present. A 2014 study completed by the Harvard Medical School found a 30% error rate in single monitoring. Study participants were shown a sequence of objects. They were then asked to look for outlined versions of the objects in people’s pockets during a video clip. A majority of participants failed to identify half of the items. Researchers concluded that unless he or she is specifically trained and certified to monitor multiple screens at once, many security guards miss malicious behavior or weapons.

Another facet to be mindful of is the personnel cost when leveraging dedicated security guards. Guards range from $10-$100 per hour and costs can increase during “after hours”.  This is not cost-effective when comparing security accuracy. Additionally, reputable guards are difficult to find. Many staffing agencies are unlicensed, which can affect training quality, background checks, and insurance liabilities.

The bottom line is security guards cannot see and react to everything. It’s inevitable that they need to take breaks and conduct perimeters checks which leaves the surveillance unattended.  The added layer is the risk that is created on an organization when a security guard proceeds to address a potentially dangerous situation and the implications that can result.

Video Monitoring Amplifies Security Surveillance Programs

Video monitoring using event-based analytics can diminish the failure rate and quickly signal alerts based upon company created thresholds.  The long-term savings with video monitoring is tremendous and drives a return on the total cost of ownership by leveraging advanced technology and augmenting guard costs.

Even though video monitoring systems are statistically the better option to elevate your security, not all systems are the same. It is important to choose a surveillance system that employs key video analytic tools and expert surveillance.  With video monitoring, thermal imaging or standard cameras use trip wire around the perimeter to detect motion. When activity is detected, an alert is sent through the analytics software to security monitoring professionals where they review the clip of footage and can pull up live surveillance to pinpoint the exact disturbance and determine if it’s a threat. With incidents where malicious activity is at play, the monitoring professional will use the voice down feature to speak to the intruder to deter them from the property. If they were unsuccessful, then police will be immediately dispatched.

Video analytics work phenomenally on thermal and monochromatic style video surveillance cameras.  The algorithms are so advanced that the thermal signature can easily differentiate between a human, an animal, a car, etc.  The technology can see far more than a human can, making it more efficient at stopping malicious activity. In fact, the combination of these technologies are reducing false positives to almost zero.

Leverage an Expert Opinion for Video Monitoring

You need to be careful when choosing technologies to make sure the solution is outfitted correctly. The best analytics driven video monitoring options like the ones offered by Star Asset Security provide individualized services to fit each client’s unique needs. For example, a person wandering onto a car lot peering into car windows could be a potential buyer and not a threat. Our video surveillance experts understand a business’ diverse requirements and ensure a flawless system.

Star Asset Security goes beyond a simple CCTV system and transforms video monitoring into an enterprise-ready video security system with unprecedented business intelligence features. We offer our own 24/7/365 video monitoring center that uses the most advanced analytics on the market to provide an ROI by augmenting guard costs and deterring crime. Learn more at


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