Thermal Temperature Screening Cameras

Early detection of elevated temperatures is paramount.

The landscape in security and safety measures will continue to have a drastic shift for the foreseeable future. If it's not already, screening procedures will become commonplace for businesses of all sizes and scale for safety purposes. Whether your operations consist of large gatherings or standard business offices with employees entering and exiting, detection of elevated body temperatures is key to preventing wide spread sickness.

Star Asset Security offers temperature screening solutions through FLIR, a leader in thermal technology. While thermal screening cameras do not determine specific viruses and infections, they do detect elevated body temperatures which can be used to enact additional screening measures for security and safety protocol. All devices are FDA approved for a guaranteed reliable method to keep employees and your business safe.

At Star Asset Security, we don’t just sell box solutions. Instead, we provide a full assessment to determine your business needs and align a technology and application accordingly. We provide our customers with programs for process adherence to ensure compliance and reduce risk for your employees and business operations.

FLIR logo for temperature screening camera technology

Thermal Temperature Screening Benefits:

  • Screening technology allows businesses to determine elevated body temperatures at the entrance of the facility to reduce spread of potential sickness
  • Provide safety measures to keep employees and visitors healthy and safe on a regular basis
  • Allows businesses to be proactive at entrances in scenarios with large crowds or where there is close contact
  • Work together foster a stable economy through screening measures to ensure business operations continue
  • Increase confidence and reduce risk by slowing the spread of potential sickness
  • FLIR solutions are state-of-the-art, FDA approved, technologies for guaranteed reliable solutions.
  • Certified engineers and thermographers provide setup, testing, commissioning and training for systems
  • You can take a log of averages to ensure accuracy and reduce false positives

How FLIR Thermal Temperature Screening Works:

The technology has FDA 510(K) approval, making it stand out as a clear choice among competitors.  We leverage certified engineers and thermographers for setup, testing, commissioning and training for all systems.  Individuals are scanned one at a time for a more accurate reading. FLIR thermal screening technologies requires individuals to remove glasses or any other items that could block the thermal scan.  The individual remains still for no more than 5 seconds and at a distance of 1-2 meters away.  The inner canthus of the eye is scanned for a more accurate reading of body temperature, given it’s close proximity to the ophthalmic artery.  Once an elevated body temperature is detected, an alarm signals for additional screening measures with medical grade devices to evaluate the individual.

When scanning individuals as they enter a facility, outside environmental factors must be taken into consideration.  On hot summer days, it takes time for a body temperature to acclimate when coming indoors.  To ensure accuracy, thermal screening technologies through FLIR can use a log of averages to reduce false positives.

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