Managed Services Catapults Success for your Business by Enhancing your Customer’s Experience

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Regardless of the size of your business or your target industry, providing an exceptional experience for your audience is of the utmost importance to drive revenue growth. In today’s socially connected world, consumers are more informed, impatient, expect an individualized experience, and are deeply influenced by peers and their reviews.

Peer to peer influencing is extremely powerful in customer’s buying decisions. In addition to the power of peer influence, the wealth of information and reviews online is another way people inform themselves and decide if they trust the company. According to Forbes, “84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation”.

Put it in to perspective and when was the last time you researched a company or asked for recommendations before purchasing products or services?  How did the information and reviews online from people you don’t even know shape your decision?  Now more than ever, people have a voice and a power platform to disseminate a message they feel passionate about.  In the words of Warren Buffet, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Star Care provides the highest possible uptime, mitigates risk and acts a vehicle for success.  The IT-centric model applies the right people, processes and technology with advanced automation so customers receive the maximum level of service and a single pane view into their network. A managed services provider is attached directly to the customer’s success and provides a seamless and positive experience. Couple that with the enhanced business analytics which provides an optimized view and complete visibility into their operations.

Managed services examples:

Example #1

If you’re a property manager for example, how many times have you had to sit in an unconditioned telecom room to retrieve video events from a proprietary video recorder/sever only to discover the hard drives have not been spinning for possibly months with no recordings?  With Star Care continually monitoring servers/recorders, the managed services provider would have detected the issue and sent a report well in advance to the property management group before failure of the hard drive.

Example #2

We live in a time now where IoT (Internet of Things) has become ubiquitous on the “network”. Because of the rapid pace of the evolving IoT, the number of cyber threats and vulnerabilities are in lock step.  It is imperative all operational technologies like commercial access control and video management systems are being proactively updated and patched as necessary to counter these evolving vulnerabilities and threats. It is common knowledge there has been a reactive approach on IoT updates.  Take a moment to think about what could happen to your company if there was a data breach and proprietary information was exposed due to a vulnerability from failure to patch firmware or update software?

Under traditional reactive plans you have little to no visibility into the current health and status of your software and firmware versions. With Star Care, the customer is provided with full transparency into their network’s necessary updates and issues that have been detected and remediated.  Updates are seamlessly rolled out at the right time by the managed services provider to avert attacks and intrusions that can cripple your business by taking the network down or revealing confidential data.

How Star Care managed services changes the game.

By taking a look at both the national and local news, you’ll see the amount of cyber-attacks and ransoms are increasing and the severity continues to evolve. One of the most important take aways is that regardless of your industry or if you’re an enterprise or small business, everyone can be subject to attacks. The good news is there is a way to take action to reduce the chances of being the next target and it’s all about being proactive with a program such as Star Care.

In both examples, Star Care is a proactive approach to safeguarding your environment to provide the highest level of service. As mentioned before, the program uses a framework of people, processes and technology to monitor and maintain optimal levels of device and network health.  The managed services provider is immediately notified if there is a potential device issue or vulnerability and quickly start troubleshooting. Star Care also develops, deploys and manages standards which are then applied to all devices sitting on the network to provide an enhanced level of security.

This proactive model significantly reduces the cost and burden of your company managing it internally. Service Assurance yields a high ROI by providing the highest possible uptime and mitigating severe repercussions.  Without it, calculate the cost that would be incurred from various liabilities and intrusions associated with cameras going down.  Factor in the loss of revenue from network breaches because of out of date software which can take your entire network down. Top it off with the costs associated with cyber-attacks and proprietary data being exposed.

Now let’s assume you have applied Star Care to your physical security environment and the prodigious customer experience ripples into your clients.  Let’s take it back the beginning of this blog with the concept of peer selling and the power of consumers being more informed.  The impact of the positive experience can catapult your business into success with raving reviews and recommendations.  You can now leverage this powerful platform with a positive and authentic voice to promote your products and services.


At Star Asset Security, one of our core values is to think outside the box so we can put together creative solutions to help our customers solve problems, drive their business forward and enhance their physical security and IT networks. Visit to learn more today.

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