The Power of Remote Managed Services

Allowing businesses to seamlessly operate with flexible scenarios

Across all businesses, the options that allow you to have business continuity and create a work environment conducive to flexibility and connectivity can be powerful. Your information technology and security is the backbone of your daily operations and a vital function for businesses of all sizes. We provide our customers with remote tools and services including Network Operations Center (NOC), Service Desk Support, Cybersecurity, Operational System Management and Business Process Support. These services help reduce business disruptions while providing your employees with flexible working environments.

Star Asset Security uses a framework of people, process and advanced automated technology to provide businesses with remote solutions that deliver their employees with dynamic options. This provides businesses with ability for employees to operate from any location, at any time, so you can continue to drive revenue and efficiently support your customers. Remote managed services provide ease of management and ensure optimal service levels with the highest possible uptime.

How Remote Managed Services Support Your Business Operations:

  • Business continuity support for flexible environments​
  • Change support and procedures for an influx of service requests and shifts
  • Reduce liabilities, ensure compliance and increase safety by providing work from home capabilities to employees
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance ensure the highest possible uptime and optimal system health
  • Remote managed services are reliable, secure and scalable, allowing for solutions to be tailored directly to your business needs.
  • Receive service level reporting, client portal, access to monitoring tools and complete end to end management.
  • Easy deployment and seamless accessibility
  • Increase security on site through virtual guard services to ensure materials and assets are protected​

Managed Services to Support Remote & Flexible Business Capabilities:

Network Operations Center (NOC) Services

Star Asset Security provides remote monitoring tools and proactive maintenance 24/7 on workstations, servers, networks and databases. Remote NOC services are reliable solutions to managing your critical infrastructure and network. This provides customers with the ability to operate anywhere, at any time without losing critical uptime so you can continue business operations to drive revenue growth. This allows you to be dependable and adequately support your employees and customers 24/7.

Help Desk Services

Our Service Help Desk support provides remote troubleshooting and full remediation of issues 24/7 with the ability to escalate to level 1, 2 and 3 resources.  Highly trained Service Desk security professionals provide businesses with proactive maintenance, so employees are not required to be onsite at all times.  Remote monitoring and maintenance is a proactive solution to detecting issue and immediately troubleshooting before they impact your business.

Operational Systems Management & Business Process Support

Remote managed services provide advanced technical support for operational systems to bolster business processes for various departments within an organization such as security, human resources, sales and marketing, customer relations and accounting teams.  It enables your business to be dynamic with the flexibility to operate from any location and provides smooth and consistent management of operational systems.  Additionally, with advanced technology and tools your employees can work across a large geographic footprint without the need for increasing overhead for internal support. These remote solutions also allow businesses to reduce their risk level by ensuring compliance regulations are met and process workflows are adhered to.

Cybersecurity Measures

Cyber attacks are on the rise and it is important to be vigilant and on high alert for phishing scams and threats.  Businesses have already been compromised and cybersecurity measures are critical now more than ever.  We can quickly deploy software and monitoring tools to cyber harden your IT environment and detect potential intrusions.  This allows businesses to have the flexibility to be offsite while having your entire IT and physical security network fully secured.

Event-Based Video Monitoring

Event-based video monitoring is a force multiplier to managing, maintaining and securing multiple areas at once, day and night.  CCTV cameras in place are empowered with advanced technology and thresholds are set in place so the moment an intruder steps onto the property, our team is alerted. With our voice-down feature, we can speak directly to potential intruders to mitigate threats and dispatch authorities only when necessary.  Leveraging a virtual guard force allows businesses the ability to keep their assets secured without requiring onsite resources.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Our clients benefit from managed services by gaining powerful insights through data analytics.  In depth reports are generated and dashboards are customized to each customer to provide full visibility into operations, incidents remediated and workflow processes.

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