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Physical Security Solutions to Support Newly Discovered Needs.

COVID-19 has not only created a new landscape on the work front, but also around the hours in which employees are going into physical offices. This may be due to limiting the amount of employees in the office at a given time to ensure social distancing or because of overall scheduling challenges. Regardless of the reason why, security solutions are paramount to supporting two newly discovered needs from this shift in working accommodations.

Need #1:  Enhance Physical Security Measures Overall

Leveraging access control and video surveillance systems are top ways to secure your brick and mortar location, day and night.  With cloud-based access control systems, employees can have the appropriate access assigned during specific times of day or even access to just certain doors.  Management can quickly lock down the building or remove and grant access within seconds from any location.  This gives businesses more control over their office to increase security measures. With video surveillance systems, businesses can have eyes on their building, people and assets 24/7.  Recorded footage is saved in the cloud and can be quickly accessed for review at any time. These security systems allow businesses to decrease crime while also keeping employees safe.

Video monitoring with event-driven analytics is another prime security opportunity. With this solution, guards can be augmented with advanced analytics. Surveillance systems are equipped with event-based analytics to detect activity using tripwire and predetermined thresholds for each business.  Once activity is detected, an alert is sent through analytics software to our virtual security guard force where they immediately start investigating into the activity to determine if it is a threat.  With the voice-down feature, we can speak directly to potential intruders to mitigate threats and dispatch authorities only when necessary.

Need #2: Create an Audit Trail

With employees coming and going at different times, it’s imperative that businesses have oversight and visibility.  Access control and video surveillance solutions create a log of activity.  Every data point is captured and visible through the systems and dashboard reporting of all activity is at your fingertips whenever needed. This allows HR and management teams to have a direct line of sight into all activity by employees to serve as an audit trail. Teams no longer need to track down employee activity and it’s simply the click of a button in real time.

Taking the Next Step.

At Star Asset Security, our extensive experience allows us to deliver successful security programs that solve problems for our customers. As a managed services provider, we work with businesses to ease their workload and provide full endpoint security solutions. Visit to learn more today.

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