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COVID-19 is the Catalyst for Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) to Create Opportunities.

This shift in landscape is opening doors for quick serve restaurants to create opportunities to increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs by leveraging managed security solutions.

Times of change can also create new opportunities. One area we are seeing vast opportunity from COVID-19 is in the QSR space.  Quick serve restaurants can take advantage of improvement in several areas.  Most restaurants, especially those with many locations, are always looking at ways to increase efficiency in order to generate more revenue. In order to do this, you need increased visibility onsite for proper ongoing analysis. It’s common to have dedicated people oversee drive thru, curbside pickup, and kitchen throughput to ensure optimal processes and find opportunities to fine tune where needed.  High definition restaurant security cameras and analytics built into cameras allow QSRs to accomplish this without needing to step foot on location.

Restaurant Security Cameras for Drive Thru, Curbside Pickup & Kitchen Throughput 

While it’s not a new concept, COVID-19 has pushed restaurants to place a larger emphasis on curbside pickup and contactless drive thru.  We are in a generation that demands conveniences, so expect these two avenues to be mainstays for the foreseeable future, even once dine in restrictions lessen. Kitchen efficiency is an integral part in these two processes.

Now is the time to ensure processes are as optimized and as efficient as possible. Adding cameras in the drive thru and at designated curbside parking allows QSRs two huge benefits.  They can cut down on travel expenses through virtual visits and surveillance footage.  They can also increase the amount of locations they oversee daily by reducing or even eliminating travel. 

Analyzing surveillance allows QSRs to adjust processes to speed up food preparation, accelerate drive thru times, reduce bottle necking, and perfectly time curbside pickups. Resources can then be aligned accordingly.  In addition to processes being enhanced, they can also leverage the data analytics in their surveillance systems to uncover valuable trends.  Reports can be automated with the data to allow for more visibility into various trends, such as:

  • Peak days and times to determine appropriate staffing and even operational hours
  • Top performing markets to evaluate proper distribution of franchises
  • Customer preferred pick up options – drive thru, curbside or dine in?
  • Ensure proper resource allocation

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

In today’s generation, customers expect services to be rendered quickly.  Enhancing the drive thru and curbside pickup experiences are top ways to ensure a satisfactory visit.  QSRs want to build a phenomenal customer service reputation, which means shorter wait times and food prepared quickly, without compromising its quality.

Technology will be the framework for many QSRs and expect artificial intelligence (AI) to become common in drive thru experiences in the future.  For example, last year McDonalds acquired Dynamic Yield to leverage the technology to tailor the experience to each customer.  They are currently testing display boards to recommend items based on previous orders, trending menu items, and more.  This big move only reinforces the importance of the customer experience and how it’s becoming an integral part of business plans.


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