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Service Desk is a Customized Experience When Partnering with a Managed Services Provider.

Whether it’s needing technical support on a door access control system or a simple badge change request, managed services will change the game for how businesses operate.

The experience with a service desk should always be a positive one that enhances the customer’s productivity, not add headaches. At Star Asset Security, we “eat our own dog food” by incorporating the same processes and service level agreements within our internal organization. This in turn has allowed us to refine the process to be a seamless, customized integration based on an organization’s needs.

Service Desk Through a Managed Services Provider for Your Door Access Control System

The key to a successful Service Desk is running on a service level agreement so there is a consistent level of response and resolution. With our managed services program, we partner with clients and allow their employees to be more efficient by reaching out to us directly.  For example, if a department has a new hire, they can immediately put in a request to make sure badges for their door access control system are created and they have all appropriate access levels. On the reverse, if someone is terminated, credentials and access can be quickly turned off to ensure security measures.  The moment the terminated employee attempts to use the door access control system, they will be denied.

Since we take an IT-centric approach to our managed services framework, we can cross over and do administration on IT systems, as well as, focus on the entire physical security environment.  The full experience with the service desk can be customized to exactly how you want to engage with our team. We can integrate both systems to make sure the ticketing process is seamless and put triggers in place so that from day one of the transition, no one in the organization experiences changes and the process is smooth.  The business can continue with their standard processes and systems so there is no disruption in operations.  The only real change is the alerts automatically get directed to our service desk for action and resolution.

We are agile and work in a way that best suits the customer. We often have clients that prefer to use our systems if they don’t have a sophisticated and robust tool with reporting. We keep it customer on the outside but standardized on the inside.  Our technicians run with the same categorization of triage process, priorities and status but we can display and respond in a way that makes sense to the customer. For example, if a customer is “Critical”, “High”, “Medium” and “Low” then we can match to our standards which is very important from an efficiency standpoint. We have an escalation process so a ticket will continue to be escalated to the right people until resolution.  Throughout the entire process, the customer has full transparency through communications with the technicians and client dashboards.

Reporting Creates Visibility Across an Organization

Reporting is customizable and we can tailor the ticketing analytics so customers can track all requests that have been submitted.  For example, if you want to test your alarm systems each month with a point of contact for each location, we create tickets for each to track who is doing alarm testing and who’s not. We can provide reports showing alarm contacts by location so the department leaders can see the percentage of completion and ensure the contacts are always up to date.

Customizing the Service Desk experience for your organization has substantial benefits.  At Star Asset Security, we understand there is not a “one size fits all” solution for our customers. We adapt solutions through our managed services based on our customer’s needs to improve security, efficiency and productivity.


At Star Asset Security, one of our core values is to think outside the box so we can put together creative solutions to help our customers solve problems, drive their business forward and enhance their physical security and IT networks. Visit to learn more today.

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