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You’re sitting on a gold mine with your building access control controls and video surveillance and it’s called data analytics.

The current solutions you have in place for security measures, such as video surveillance and your building access controls, store every data point.

Organizations far too often fail to take full advantage of the analytics housed in their access control system and video surveillance systems.  It’s a missed opportunity which can provide substantial value to propel businesses forward in their decision making and strategic planning. This meticulously logged data shows how many people walk through the door, when they enter the facility and the access frequency for each door.  You can identify individuals who accessed the building and even track their routes.

Where the hurdle for most organizations lies is the location and accessibility of this raw data.  While the data is there, it’s not in a digestible format or even in a decision makers hands to where they could evaluate and make impactful decisions.

Bridging the gap.

Through a combination of professional services, a managed services provider utilizes technology and automation to extract access control and video surveillance analytics data and then populate it into robust dashboards, so your various departments have tangible reports.  Most importantly, the data and reports are readily available in a format which can be customized and seamlessly integrated into various departments.  They can then apply the data to identify gaps and create opportunity to catapult their department goals.

Gone are the days of taking raw data and manually creating charts and pivot tables. Managed services providers incorporate this as a standard benefit for their professional services.  It is directly configured for the customer around their needs, giving them time back in their day to focus on other priorities.

The advancements are endless with your building access controls and video surveillance data.

Risk Management:  Having security and access data “opens new doors” for risk management and security teams.  They can now have full visibility into how many people were on site they weren’t aware of.  It allows them to understand the current traffic in their facility and help with identifying additional protocols that can be set forth to make certain areas more secure or restricted access.

Marketing & Sales:  If you knew an average of 1,500 visitors were on your campus throughout the month, you could quickly start thinking about how to take advantage of the low hanging fruit. Strategic marketing activations to expand brand awareness, sales and tell your story of culture would change the game for your business.

Operations:  Having access to security data reports and dashboards allow operations teams to analyze their current processes and efficiently make optimizations to how their business is run.  Budgets can be directly tailored to the needs and volume of foot traffic and identified individuals coming through your facility each day.

Driving it home with an example on data and video analytics.

In a campus style facility, delving deeper into data analytics from your access control system card readers and creating utilization reports can uncover a multitude of opportunities.  The reports provide a detailed overview of traffic patterns by personnel.  This data alone allows organizations to make a better business case to improve operational efficiency by better aligning budgets to support an increase or decrease in staffing while also evaluating operational hours.  If it was determined you could reduce your staffing costs during certain times, you could recoup the investment and apply it to other departments to support funding for expansion and new projects. For campuses with sensitive or proprietary data, evaluating trends in traffic in specific areas uncover the opportunity to create restricted access for select individuals to increase security protocols.


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