What is the Best Solution for Reducing DVR and CCTV Management Costs?

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With nearly 30 years of electronic security industry experience, Star Asset Security understands the many pain points of those within the industry and their customers. One of those pain points is the ongoing consumption of cost and time involved in the management of DVR and CCTV systems. Fortunately, a solution to the problem has quickly moved to the forefront of the industry, Video Surveillance as a Service, or VaaS. This dynamic solution simplifies hardware hassles and reduces the need for monitoring manpower.

Top Reasons Video Surveillance is Moving to the Cloud

Most of us have grown quite accustomed to working with many cloud-based services; so much so that we even trust doing our banking online. In fact, 9 in 10 businesses are already currently using more than one form of cloud technology, including email, phone, and other applications and are increasingly adopting cloud-based security services. Today, security technologies such as video surveillance are quickly migrating to the cloud, with a slew of attractive advantages.

The Economy of Scale and Lower Cost of Ownership

The savings come in several ways. First, there is a lower upfront capital expenditure which allows companies the opportunity to invest in other areas. The hardware is also more fully utilized and several entities share the cost of the infrastructure instead of bearing the burden of cost alone. More effectively used hardware means a decrease in power usage and the cost of consumption.  

Reduced Burden on IT Staff

Systems which leverage the cloud also get regular and automatic updates without any intervention needed by the IT staff. When problems are detected, they can often be managed remotely even long before they cause any issues on the user end. This reduces the need for additional dedicated IT staff and the associated personnel costs.

Increased Security

Another important advantage is that advanced cloud-based video management systems do not have the cyber-security vulnerabilities seen in traditional systems. Since there are no open ports, on-site firewalls, or on-premise software, no firewall installations are required.

Remote Access is in its DNA

In most traditional systems, remote access was not built into the system but added on. This often causes access to be unreliable, the image quality to be poor, and streaming to be choppy. In cloud-based systems, remote access is built into the DNA of the system for smooth access, streaming, and quality.

Adding and Managing Cameras Across multiple Sites

VaaS also supports a broad array of analog & IP camera choices and multi-site integration. Once the initial camera wiring is complete, cameras are configured automatically. Dashboards show camera status with instant alerts for camera or internet issues.

Star Asset Security is able to deliver superior Video Surveillance as a Service across a wide range of verticals. Call us today for more details.  1-877-801-1616

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