Security in Hospitality


You have worked tirelessly to build the brand and business of your dreams. Time has been invested to find the perfect location, develop the signature recipe, engineer the most elaborate suite, etc.

You have poured your heart and soul into opening your dream restaurant or hotel. Now that you have sold out rooms and lines around the corner to try your latest culinary creation, you can finally sit back, take a breath and say “I made it”.

While you tried to think of all the challenges you would face, the one you may have overlooked, or worse yet skimped on, just cost you the most. Protecting your business means protecting your brand and reputation. Sound security applications will help to mitigate your losses and prepare you to attack these threats headon.

What types of incidents can you expect to encounter at some point? A business owner can expect to experience a burglary, auto breakin on the property, assault, theft of property, credit card fraud,  Dine and Dash (Defrauding an Innkeeper, SC Statute 45-1-50), just to name a few. One of the biggest threats that can be anticipated is the breach of your customers’ data.

 The food and beverage industry accounts for 10% of security breaches and the hospitality industry accounts for 14% of security breaches per the 2016 Trustwave Global Security Report. Although data breaches are a topic we constantly hear about in the news, hotels and restaurants also experience other crimes as well.

On 2/11/2017 the Greenville County, SC Sheriff’s Office experienced an officer involved shooting at a hotel. During the investigation, and subsequent press conference, Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis explained that on no fewer than 390 occasions there had been a request for law enforcement at this hotel. I would guess that these are not the 390 reviews that the owner wants to hear about on the news. Something the Sheriff said caught my attention. He explained that the camera system in place at the hotel was of such great quality that there was no question about the chain of events.

So what are you doing to safeguard your business from crime, damage, workman comp claims or point of sale fraud? The proper application of security technology is the key, but how?

The first thing you need to do is solicit the experience and expertise of a security solutions expert. There are plenty of people who install systems, but is that really what you need?

Case Study: Our company was approached by a national restaurant chain experiencing security issues with after hour deliveries. We developed a solution that took the issue at hand, which was key control, and developed a new operating procedure using technology that everyone already has- smart phones. This solution eliminated the costly false alarm fees and times when the stores alarm was not re-armed, eliminated the cost of replacing keys, and created an audit trail so that management could identify repeat offenders responsible for leaving the restaurant unsecured.

Using the restaurants existing surveillance camera system, we were able to remotely access the cameras and verify the identity of the delivery driver. The delivery driver was assured their own access credential so they could enter the restaurant with wireless access control technology.

Deliveries can now be completed efficiently and effectively so the business is no longer incurring unnecessary fees through lost keys and false alarm occurrences. We can now look after the business interests during a time that the restaurant is closed.

Your business needs a partner and solutions provider, not just someone to show up, attempt to install equipment, and walk away. Continued support and engagement is necessary as your business needs evolve and grow.

Keys to help identify the right security solutions partner:

  1. Is this company involved with Security Specific groups such as ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) or INFRAGARD (Private sector partnership with the FBI for information and intelligence sharing to prevent hostile acts in the US)?

  2. Do they have board certified staff? CPP (Certified Protection Professional) PSP (Physical Security Professional) CSPM (Certified Security Project Manager). These certifications show that your partner is dedicated to the security field and that you can be assured they will give you the most accurate information available.

  3. Can they maintain, repair, and trouble shoot your system to limit and eliminate downtime? Or are they just interested in selling you the latest new gadget?

You put your all into making your business work. You do not provide your customers with a subpar experience, so you should not settle for subpar protection. Find solutions experts that work for you to make your businesses protection their own.

Christopher Reider, CPP

Christopher is a Board Certified Protection Professional with a BA in Intelligence Operations. He has over 15 years of security experience ranging from Law Enforcement, Asset Protection Management, Contract Security Management and Security Technology. He is currently an Account Executive for Star Asset Security LLC in Greer, SC providing physical security assessments and program development/application.

Star Asset Security is a South Carolina Woman Owned Small Business providing strategic security solutions for customers such as St. Francis Hospitals, Verizon Wireless, Flowers Foods and Interstate Hotels Group.

Chris can be reached at 864-561-0132 or by email